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Feature Wall/Ceiling Display - Nova Bar - Starlight Casino Edmonton Public Art Fabrication - Quadreal Properties Christmas Ornaments Decorative Bean Shaped Chandeliers - Starlight Casino Edmonton Private Art Fabrication - Tautology By Duane Linklater Public Art Fabrication - The Unseen by Ron Terada Feature Walls / Ceilings Elevator Surround Feature Wall - Grand Villa Casino Edmonton Alberta Decorative Escalator Chandelier - Grand Villa Casino Edmonton Decorative Ceiling Cloud Features - Grand Villa Casino Edmonton Decorative Window Screens Wall Feature - Grand Villa Casino Edmonton Large Scale Decorative Ceiling Light - Central Suite Hotel Lounge Alberta Public Art Fabrication - "Untitled" by Alex Morrison Public Art Fabrication - Cedar Art - Tsawwassen Commons Public Art Fabrication - A Fine Contamination by Alex Morrison Private Art Fabrication - We Will Not Grow Old Together by Ron Terada Public Art Fabrication - A Light in Town by Alex Morrison Large Scale Feature Wall - La Pola Mural - Andina Brewing Company Public Art Fabrication - A Kernel of Doubt in the Mind of the Banqueter Walking Home Under Gaslit Dark by Alex Morrison Public Art Fabrication - The Sappers Were Here Public Art Fabrication - This Beautiful Day by Kristin Mclver Decorative Large Scale Gaming Table Chandeliers - Starlight Casino Edmonton Public Art Fabrication - Let's Heal the Divide by Toni Latour Public Art Fabrication - The Words Don't Fit the Picture by Ron Terada Private Art Fabrication - Snug Cove by Ron Terada
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